Old empty medicine bottles

The Fixer Elixir

Potions, tonics, and snake oil

The Doctor rode a mule of white and brown,
Which towed the gypsy wagon into town.
His hat was tall and clad with ostrich plume,
The sight of which made timid women bloom.
“Egads!” they said. “Whoever are you sir?”
He answered, “Doctor Zipple Zapple Zur
Is humbly at your ladies’ service now.”
The Doctor tipped his hat and gave a bow.
As if on cue, the gypsy wagon sprang
Apart! Elixirs thick and murky sang
In colors strange and sorely out of tune.
The Doctor hocked his wares all afternoon
To women, children, drunks, and every bum
Who dared peruse the Doc’s emporium.