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New Year, Old Habits

Before the stroke of midnight, I must post something! Anything! Yes, this is a desperate attempt to cash in on the New Year energy. What can I say that I haven’t said in years prior?

Resolutions from 2023

Flossing, right. Still not as frequent as it ought to be, but to my credit, I have cut out a lot of sugary foods. So I’m eating better. Except for the months of November and December, during which I probably undid all the work from the earlier part of the year. Oops.

Blog posts. I published fewer of these than I intended. I did write them… I simply didn’t finish them, which is why they remain unpublished. It’s a small technicality that I hope will get me off the hook. Oh dear. I really underdelivered on this one.

My novel. I wrote another 20,000 words in October, which I dubbed UnoFiMo. It’s not done though, so I failed on that resolution. This year I must finish the first draft because I’ll turn 40 in September. I can’t turn 40 without a novel under my belt! That’s practically a law or something.

Screenplay… short stories… family journal…. Oh boy. Failed, failed, and failed.

See, this is what I hate making resolutions! No matter the goodwill behind them, my resolutions are always unrealistic. I would have to be someone other than me to fulfill most of these. They read like the resolutions of an unmarried twenty-something male with few or no adult responsibilities. That is a far cry from my present reality.

Resolutions for 2024

I only have one resolution for 2024: I will finish the first draft of my novel before my birthday. It may be a terrible draft, but I promise that I will see it done.

On a much happier note, I am going to be a father again! God-willing, Erica, Olivia, and I are expecting the newest member of our clan in July.

I can’t wait to meet Jack Henry Sulzbach!

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