A pile of rocks with bits of grass

Joe the Rock / Black Jack & Marshal Jon

Author’s Note
This first story is dated Feb. 1991, putting my age at 6 years old. The handwriting (see the scanned page) suggests it was ghostwritten by my mother. Although the second story is not dated, it was likely written around the same time.

Joe the Rock

It was a hot day. Joe was happy to be a rock.

Tom wasn’t. Tom said he was miserable. He wanted to step on Joe so he could see above the earth. Tom was the king of the rocks, so he ordered ninety-nine more rocks. Finally, there was a squeal from Joe.

“Please your majesty, get off my back or I’ll tickle you.”

Suddenly, there was a big crash. The Rock King fell into California and the rocks shouted for joy.

The End

Black Jack & Marshal Jon

Black Jack and Marshal Jon met one day. They hated each other.

Black Jack had one eye. Marshal Jon had two eyes.

Marshal Jon made an agreement that they would have a shootout. Marshal Jon was the fastest draw in the west.

Black Jack was shot in the heart. Marshal Jon had won.

The End

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