Exterior of D&M Coffee Shop
Through these hallowed doors, coffee awaits.

Coffee Shop Thoughts

While I wait for my video to upload, I think I’ll offer some thoughts on the D&M Coffee Co. I did a little research before visiting (so I could speak with authority, as well as find the place). D&M has three locations in Ellensburg: two along 3rd Ave, and one farther south along Main Street.

I’m at the 3rd Ave shop that intersects with Pine Street. It’s not much to look at from the outside, but inside there’s a lot more space. It’s got a sort of 50s diner feel to it, resplendent with barstools and a brick wall. Perhaps it’s only a reflection of what I imagine the 50s were like (and I owe much of that to the movies). In any event, it’s a nice place apart from the flies. Quite a few are buzzing around at the moment. One landed on my laptop. I suppose it’s part of the charm.

It’s weird, but I find myself stepping into the stereotype of a cash-strapped college guy hanging out in coffee shops, stealing wi-fi and sipping lattes. I own an Apple computer, so I’ve already got the “tech snob” thing going for me; coupled with my messy, wind-blown hair and plaid shirt, all I need is a pair of tattered, expensive designer jeans and black, thick-rimmed glasses. Darn, I shouldn’t have shaved this morning.

Ironically, I’m not an elitist in my computer preferences; I’m not a connoisseur of coffee; and I don’t buy new clothes that look like they were passed up by Goodwill. The only holes I want in my clothes are the kind you put your limbs through.

So back to D&M coffee. I asked the barista what I should try, and she recommended a caramel latte. So that’s what I’m drinking. Its velvety-smooth texture and richness reminds me of a frappuccino, but it’s bursting with flavor instead of just sugar. It’s probably the best cup of coffee I’ve ever had. But then again, it’s a latte, so that’s different, right? I don’t know. In any event, it’s good. Probably not affordable in the long run, considering what I paid for their smallest drink, but I don’t want to feel guilty about stealing their wi-fi. It’s free, technically, but if I don’t support the establishment with a purchase…

My video is still uploading to YouTube. I wish my YouTube videos were synched with my Facebook videos, because I’m about eight or nine behind. That’s a lot, especially when you’ve got the kind of internet connection I do. Hah! Connection. It’s more like tin cans and a string, or worse—the United States Postal Service. Which I’m still miffed about. If they can send my envelope back through the mail, why can’t they send it where it was supposed to go in the first place?

So yeah, I hate the post office. And I dislike banks, too. Both establishments have attitudes. Libraries, especially. And there’s not much you can do if you need their services. You just have to grin and bear it, accepting sub-human treatment. I guess that’s one of the reasons I do as many things myself as possible. It may take more time, but you’re not at the mercy of people who just don’t care.

The video is almost finished. A noisy bunch of freshmen just decided to crash the place. The guys of the group are spewing bits of wisdom and making jokes. One guy just ordered a girl to get him a straw; she complied, and he told her she’d make a great dog. Not a dog trainer mind you, but a dog. He clarified. Now there’s a good friendship!

The ringleader of the group is a qualified jerk. He debases his so-called friends no matter what they do. The girls must be hurting for good company. Would they even know it if they saw it? And if they did, would they care? Anyone who shows the slightest gesture of chivalry must want something in return. At least the jerks don’t pretend to be nice; you know what you’re getting with that kind of scum.

So yeah, D&M has a little bit of everything. Thirty seconds left for the video. When it’s done, so am I. Hah! The kids are leaving—going to Goodwill! Now that’s funny… in a sad sort of way.

On a more positive note, Bing Crosby often frequented the other 3rd Ave D&M when it was still called #2 Coffee Shop. He was a native of Spokane and enjoyed grabbing breakfast and a cup of coffee before fishing on the Yakima river. How cool is that? Yeah, I just read it online.

Well, the video’s done. Time to go. Adios!