A pink worm atop a pile of dirt
Worm illustration by Vecteezy.com

A Worm Named Squirm

Author’s Note
These stories were likely ghostwritten by my mother. The title of the first story is in her handwriting. My dad’s handwriting in the corners dates both pieces “1991.” I would have been 6 years old. Scroll to the end to see the original pages.

The Black Day for Squirm

Once there was a medium-sized pile of dirt. Inside this pile lived a worm named Squirm. Also, there was a dark tunnel that was 354 miles long and 200 feet tall.

Godzilla the dinosaur lived in this place. He was very mean.

One day, Squirm wandered into the tunnel.

“Oh, this is a long tunnel,” said Squirm.

Suddenly, he heard a big sound. It was Godzilla! He breathed fire on Squirm, which turned him black. Squirm was almost dead.

Fortunately, his friend Moley* was nearby and rescued him.

* Moley is a character from the Christopher Churchmouse book series by Barbara Davoll, specifically “Rainy Day Rescue.”

Squirm and the Missing Shoe

Once upon a time, there was a frog named Leap and a worm named Squirm. The frog was mad at Squirm because he took his shoe at the park. Leap did not know he had lost it, but his friends told him Squirm took it.

Squirm said he was sorry for taking his shoe. He thought it would make his baby happy.

Then Leap said, “You can have it.”

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