Wednesday at Cannon Beach

Well, I don’t really have any significant updates to make, so this will be short and sweet. Speaking of short and sweet (not a shameless segway into romantic matters, fear not), our vacation is already drawing to a close.

It didn’t hit me until today, but I realized I’ve been enjoying vacation so much I failed to take my usual slew of photos. So I took a good number of them today and shot a little video of my journey to Haystack Rock. It’s probably not as exciting as I thought it would be, and my entertaining narrative was kind of… well, lackluster at best. I was too busy trying to keep from stumbling and getting my pants wet to crack any good jokes. Oh well, I’ve got at least one goofy photo to make up for it.

So there’s no romantic prospects this year, which is a little disappointing. I speak of the here and now at Cannon Beach, Oregon; it’s an important point to clarify. As I was saying, it’s been a very safe and emotionally lax experience, which is good, but I’m mildly miffed that I couldn’t so much as talk with a girl remotely close to my own age. Sure, I may have the maturity of a four year-old, but that doesn’t mean I enjoy their company.

The real problem is that I’m getting older but things around me haven’t changed much. The married couples close to my parents’ age have kids who didn’t join them on vacation because they’re either out of the house, married themselves, in another state, at school, or some combination of those variables.

I’ve been able to have bits of almost-conversation with two girls, but they’re so much younger than me I feel like I’m some kind of old, creepy-looking yogurt-eating freak. And honestly, I don’t think older guys should be investing much or any time with younger girls (Christian or otherwise) under the age of eighteen. And even then, there’s got to be a very good reason. Anyway, I’m just rambling. I’ve got the confidence to be friendly and (somewhat) outgoing with the ladies, but not the opportunity. It’s just ironic, I guess. When I was young and stupid, I couldn’t say “Hi.” Now that I’m old and stupid, I would just like the chance to ask, “How are you?”

Oh, I took third place in the ping pong tournament. I guess they only gave recognition for first, but I was pleased. It was single-elimination and I won the first two of three games. Very fancy. Caleb Predmore’s winning streak from our 4th of July faceoff (almost ten games, I think) has finally been broken. I’ve beaten him more than he’s beaten me, but I had at least one terrible, terrible defeat tonight. Most of our games are within two points of each other.

There was a talent show tonight and two Filipino ladies did some kind of “fisherman’s dance,” and it took all my considerable discretionary prowess to keep a straight face. It wasn’t bad, but the one girl obviously didn’t want to do it and the song kept going and going like the Energizer Bunny. After they walked offstage, I burst out with stifled convulsions that left me crying and gasping for breath. It was pretty hilarious, but you had to be there.

Well, that’s about it. So much for short and sweet, huh? Oh! After three games of Monopoly with my brother Dan and Rebekah Predmore (over the last three days), I finally won! It was a landslide victory with eleven hotels spread out over a full side of the board plus two corners and all the railroads. It got boring though when I couldn’t develop any more property and couldn’t really lose any money. It was a nice feeling.

This is Jon Sulzbach checking out for Wednesday, August 27, 2008.

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  1. Rebekah says:

    Whoa….. I looked myself up and this is what I found.

    *runs away screaming*

    You should check out my vlog. Oh, wait, nvm it’s not up yet.

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