Two Meals a Day

I’ve had some great lunches in the past week or so, but none of which motivated me to write about the experience. Homework has kept me pretty busy, too. I was feeling guilty on Wednesday about my recent lack of updates, so I snapped a photo with my less-than-stellar cell phone.

Sugar, sugar.

The piece of white cake was kind of sponge-like and possibly made with strawberry or cherry Jell-O. It wasn’t too sweet or too dry, and the frosting was a nice touch. As for the other dessert, I’m still not sure what it was. It looked like an apple crisp, but it was made with mixed nuts, caramel, and chocolate. Pretty good, but pretty rich and heavy (neither of which are popular adjectives used to describe me).

Today, I made the most of Holmes’ all-you-can-eat meal deal by grabbing a quick bowl of Apple Jacks, a small orange juice, a coffee, and an apple. That was at 10:15am; five minutes later, I was on my way to Wendell Hill Hall.

I met up with Erick and Erin to study grammar, and together we waded through much confusion regarding our homework. I got a little fancy at one point and wrote on the whiteboard, but we mostly just re-read the chapter on verbs and verb tenses until we ran out of time.

I was back at Holmes by 1:00pm, just in time to flash my Connection Card and get reacquainted with the buffet line. I managed to squeeze in a second meal free of charge: a grilled cheese sandwich, a salad, seasoned curly fries, and a bowl of tomato soup with crackers. It was very satisfying, and I polished it off with a delightful piece of pineapple upside-down cake.

The only drawback to eating lunch so late is that the dessert items are usually gone, the cold cereal dispensers are empty, and the only kind of coffee left is decaf. But at least I got the most for my money, right? The irony is that I’m actually trying to spend more money this quarter than last, and these stealthy dining tactics of mine are counterproductive.

I switched from a “medium” to a “small” meal plan this quarter (saving about $180), but the rollover money from last quarter bumped my total to a new high. After three weeks of meals, my current plan has only just dropped to the starting point of the “medium” plan. It’s a shame I can’t put money on my Connection Card only as it’s needed.

Well, I guess this means I’ll just have to drink a lot more coffee this quarter. Of course, my on-campus offer to feed any friends or visitors still stands: if you’re hungry, let me know! I don’t want my money to go to waste, so please—help me spend it! It’s for a just and noble cause.

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