The Sunday Morning Sandwich

Sandwich in a plastic box

This morning before church, Erica and I found a packaged sandwich on the roof of our car. The label read “Turkey and Havarti.” We were both bundled so as to ward off the chilly air. The sandwich had likely been well refrigerated even before its untimely abandonment. Surprisingly, its seal had not been broken.

I am inclined to thank God on all occasions for anything I have to eat. Even food regarded as “healthy” is a blessing to my belly, for we are to consider trials and tribulations as “pure joy.”

So yes, sandwiches speak to a special kind of heavenly providence. They are second only to donuts, which as a child can plainly see, are shaped to resemble the halos of heaven’s own angelic host. But I digress (and hyperbolize).

Sandwiches are practical. They are elegantly simple. They are delicious. However, my brain wondered if this sandwich was a test. Perhaps its true owner was watching through binoculars from a nearby apartment balcony?

The sandwich was not mine. This much Erica and I both knew.

So, I had no better recourse than to place it near where I had found it. The owner would probably be looking for it. Possibly. OK, highly unlikely. But at least it could be found if anyone cared to find it.

To quote Luke Skywalker, “I care.”

Thus, I placed the packaged sandwich atop the nearest car and we departed. Erica and I pontificated during the drive as to how the sandwich went missing. Our best guess is that someone sat their groceries on the ground, reorganized a few items for balance, and forgot to return the sandwich to their bag. If so, a good Samaritan may have found it and, seeing the nearest car, done as I had done. We may never know for sure.

Many hours later, Erica and I returned home to find the same unopened sandwich perched on the curb of our parking spot. The owner had not claimed it, nor had my neighbor. It still appeared well-refrigerated thanks to Washington’s standard operating temperature of “brisk with a hint of disdain.”

Tomorrow, I will be enjoying the providential turkey and Havarti sandwich for lunch. Probably. We’ll see. I want to visit heaven but not before my time.

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