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So this is titled “Saturday Wrap-Up,” but it’s being posted on a Wednesday. The fact of the matter is I started writing this on March 6th, and then became preoccupied with finals. Now, two and a half weeks later, I’ve dusted it off and… wrapped it up. Yeah, I know. Sorry. Without any further ado, here’s the story proper.

Allow me to begin by stating the obvious: the approach of finals has severely cut into my limited free time, as has emulating The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time on my MacBook Pro. Another obvious statement: my priorities are largely out of order at the moment. However, my appetite for sustenance remains strong, as does my passion for writing about it.

On Saturday, Ryan and I had plans to attend a rugby game. When we got to the field, we had a hard time figuring out where the game was supposed to be. Where were all the spectators? The fans? The bleachers? The game was not only seemingly unsung, but also mildly inconspicuous—we weren’t sure what was happening on the field, except that two teams of guys in short shorts were busy piling on top of one another.

Ryan and I left after about five minutes of perplexion, which according to my spell checker, is not a real word. Or wasn’t a real word, until just now. In any event, the weather on Saturday was glorious, so we decided to walk through downtown Ellensburg for fun. Ryan and I walked down South Chestnut Street until we wound up along East Mountainview Avenue; we went west, passing the Grand Meridian theater, the name of which neither of us could read until we were halfway into the parking lot; we both felt like decrepit old codgers, squinting like idiots while trying to read the super tall and skinny font used on the theater’s sign.

Next, we marveled at the ticket prices displayed beneath the movie posters: only $2.00! Our incredulity lasted for only a few moments as we soon realized the varying prices beneath each poster were actually movie show times. After that, we continued along Mountainview until reaching Super 1 Foods. I was wearing a Superman shirt, so I felt extra special. We browsed the store a little, contemplated eating at the deli, and then decided to push on.

From Super 1 Foods, we headed south along Main Street until the I90 overpass. Along the way, we passed all the venues “Fast Food Alley” has to offer. I snapped a photo of an old clunker after it pulled into the Les Schwab Tires parking lot.

I wasn’t all that hungry, having eaten a late breakfast, but Ryan felt the pangs of hunger (and imagined the sweet, savory aroma of KFC from all the way across town). On our way back, we stopped off at McDonald’s, and Ryan ordered some fries and Chicken Nuggets. We were on the road again after that, heading north towards campus. Instead of retracing our route, we walked along Ruby Street until it brought us to University Way.

All in all, Google Maps claims we covered a little over five miles throughout our entire expedition. Not too shabby! That evening, I set to work on revising one of my poems for ENG 263, and later followed that up with revisions to my creative nonfiction article (memoir) titled “Super Expectations.”

Sometime during the evening, my stomach started to rumble. Since working out on a semi-regular basis (I’m using the term loosely), I’ve become pickier about what I eat. My first impulse was to get a Double Double Burger; after careful consideration, I tried something arguably healthier: Wrap N Roll!

I had avoided Wrap N Roll in the past for one simple reason: I’m incredibly indecisive. Wrap N Roll is similar to Subway in that you can specify everything you want on your sandwich or wrap, even down to the type of spread. This may seem like a selling point to most people, but to me, it’s an exercise in anxiety. I hate making poor choices, so I generally avoid making choices altogether. Where food is concerned, I treat every meal as though it may be my last, and I’d hate to eat something I didn’t like before I died.

In any event, my hunger outweighed my anxiety on this occasion, and I ordered a wrap. The process should have been easy, but I had to ask for help and suggestions from the girl behind the counter. She probably thought I was hitting on her by trying to make conversation; honestly, I was just trying to avoid an unpleasant, late-night combination of unusual food items (the likes of which have been all too frequent since I started college).

Once the wrap was in my hands, I found myself in heaven. An exaggeration you say? It’s possible, but consider the following list of ingredients: a garlic and herb tortilla, turkey breast, lettuce, diced tomatoes, red onions, shredded cheddar, diced cucumbers, black olives, oil and vinegar, and hummus spread. For you less civilized folk, hummus is just a type of bean spread.

The wrap left my taste buds ravenous and my stomach satiated. Success! I knew this would not be the last time I visited Wrap N Roll. Since that Saturday, I’ve been back about three times. I’ve tried a few variations on the same wrap, and I’ve found the best improvement to be the addition of red and green peppers.

Earlier, I compared Wrap N Roll to Subway, and that comparison remains apt. Subway’s motto of “Eat Fresh” certainly rings true of Wrap N Roll (if not always Subway), and I’m exceedingly pleased that this particular gastrointestinal gamble paid off.

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  1. Andun says:

    There’s a quality church on Chestnut Street, a really cool library and a danceable community center on Ruby Street, ACTUAL MOVIES that play at the Grand Meridian, and WAY better restaurants on Main Street than McNausea’s.

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