Poetry and Potatoes

One week down! Well, three days, really. Two if you only count the days of actual instruction. I guess what I’m saying is that I feel the need to celebrate but haven’t earned the privilege. I also feel like I’ve been over-eating. It’s odd, because I haven’t been overly-hungry, but I don’t have any trouble packing away the pounds either.

Thursday evening I planned to attend Campus Crusade for Christ’s Fuel group, but my midday nap turned into a four-hour, starch-induced coma-like trance. The girl who plopped the potatoes on my plate was very generous. I shouldn’t have eaten everything, but my mom has instilled an incredible sense of guilt about wasting food.

The roast beef wasn’t all that great, but it wasn’t terrible. I had poetry class after lunch, and by the time I finished, I was exhausted. I conked out at around 3pm, and when I woke up, it was a little past 7pm. I’m not sure if I ever really fell asleep though–the weirdos down the hall were making a lot of noise. They were drinking, too. They’re a thirsty bunch.

Classes have gone surprisingly well so far. I’ve only got three of them this quarter (instead of last quarter’s four): creative writing (ENG 263), grammar (ENG 320), and poetry (ENG 302). Grammar’s the most important, and it’s the one class I wasn’t sure would happen. I was position number four on the waiting list when I went to class on Tuesday.

Professor Gray (whose staff photo stands out among the rest) informed everyone that the class was filled beyond capacity. Fortunately, enough people were on the waiting list that the school opened another section. Praise God! It’s an answer to prayer. Grammar is a prerequisite to several other classes, and if I didn’t take it this quarter, I’d be in trouble.

Another blessing is that my grammar professor is Dr. Li, who taught my linguistics class last quarter. It was a terribly difficult class (I told him as much), but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Grammar may not be my favorite subject, but at least Dr. Li is teaching it. He seems to genuinely care about the success of his students. That’s a rarity. The only drawback is that he uses a different textbook than the one I bought for Dr. Gray’s class. Ouch.

What a weird combination.

Here’s what I ate for lunch today: a grilled cheese sandwich, bow-tie pasta in tomato sauce, tomato soup, and a bowl of Marshmallow Mateys (Malt-O-Meal‘s Lucky Charms knock-off).

Today, my eyes were definitely bigger than my stomach. As I polished off the remainder of the chocolate silk pie, I knew it was a mistake. I feel awful now, almost like a bloated hippo. Once things settle down, I may hit the gym. Or take another nap. Or eat a Rice Krispies Treat. Or write a poem about going to the gym, taking a nap, and eating a Rice Krispies Treat.

Ugh, poetry. It goes against everything I’ve ever learned about grammar and writing. How can these two  subjects occupy the same discipline? I think someone wants to have their cake and eat it too. Ugh, cake. I feel sick.

Here’s something I posted to Facebook last night. It politely sums up my thoughts on poetry (within academia) and took about five minutes to compose. It’s strange, but I actually like poetry when I can use it to express how much I don’t like it.

He who does not have the words to clearly speak his mind / Or he who thinks by hiding it will greater meaning find– / Such few as these are want to be should find another way / To waste the time of simpler men who care not what they say.

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