Podcast Day and Growing Pains

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Today is the relaunch of Cinema Filibuster’s website. Hooray! The relaunch has two goals: help make the podcast episodes more accessible—both the YouTube uploads and the RSS feed—and to generate new supplemental content. And now for the sour news…

Our YouTube channel has languished due to infrequent uploads, but the analytics reveal a deeper problem: people are confused. People expect videos on YouTube, not podcasts.

The analytics don’t lie: with rare exception, visitors leave within a few seconds. When they find no talking heads, no moving graphics, they split. So, how does one grow a podcast audience on YouTube? That’s a question I’ve been turning over in my mind all week.

Taking a page from Nintendo, I think one platform must serve the other. The Kyoto-based company is using its mobile offerings to incentivize its audience. They’re basically asking, “If you liked Pokémon Go, why not try the upcoming Pokémon Sun and Moon?” It’s a clever ploy because the mobile experience is fun but thin. Comparatively, the Game Boy and 3DS titles are hefty and full-featured.

What’s the Takeaway?

Sean and I need to produce video content on YouTube. That content will be short, easily-digestible teasers designed to direct visitors toward our meatier podcast offerings. Here on the website, I’d like to write reviews for episodes of TV shows, reviews of certain movies that haven’t been the subject of a podcast, or anything that suits our fancy.

As for the “teasers,” those will be aimed at visitors looking for video first, podcasts second (or third, or fourth, or dead last). But after they get a snapshot of how Sean and I operate, they may engage other mediums.

I’ve found this to be true for myself. Case in point, the channel Mr Sunday Movies. I’ve watched dozens of his videos, and he leaves a plug at the end of each one for his podcast (The Weekly Planet). The podcast has almost twenty thousand subscribers! And it’s on YouTube.

So yes, people do listen to YouTube podcasts. They just need to know what they’re getting.

SoundCloud, iTunes, & Google Play Music

Rejoice, for the podcast is permanently on SoundCloud! It was there in the past with a cap limit on uploads, so only the latest three or four episodes were available. Not a great setup when you’re deleting past episodes to make room, especially when people have favorited those tracks. ¡Aye carumba!

Anyhow, SoundCloud is an excellent venue for attracting audiophiles. The built-in comment feature is fantastic! I look forward to the moment someone writes, “Dude, this part made me laugh so hard that snot came out my nose!” Or milk.

The best part of hosting with SoundCloud (not a plug, I swear) is that it feeds to both iTunes and our brand-spanking-new Google Play Music page. Android fans, your day is nigh! Not to be confused with night. What this means is we’ve got three discoverable venues and one master control location! One and done. Less work for Jon! I can get behind that.

Happy Podcast Day, folks!

Sulzbach out.

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