Oh, this poor neglected blog of mine. It was inevitable. Summer provided me with a healthy break from school, but fall whipped me back into line. In so doing, it sapped my creativity and a bit of my appetite. I’ve been eating less than usual, but what I’ve been eating is pretty usual and unexciting. Thus, with little time and little inspiration, this blog has grown neglected.

With Christmas around the corner and school nearly wrapped up, I’ll be heading back to work during December. Hopefully then I’ll have more time to post about my palatial (pertaining to a pallet) exploits. For now, I’ve got one English paper to compose and one short story to significantly revise. I’m also hoping to finish work on Sunday Knights VII: The Phantom Ultimatum within December. It would make a wonderful Christmas present, or at least… an interesting one. We’ll see how that goes.

Last night, the Holmes Dining area was filled with merriment of a Yuletide sort as hungry guests and students gulped and gobbled their “Holiday Dinners.” Salmon, prime rib, sweet potatoes, dinner rolls, some kind of rice and cranberry thing, salad, vegetables, hot chocolate, eggnog, and apple cider were part of the spectacle. Perhaps most impressive was the dessert display. Had I brought my camera, you could have seen ice cream, fudge, eggnog-snickerdoodles, and a cream-filled pastry loaf the likes of which I didn’t try (despite its tasty appearance).

I’m onto Holmes, though. While I can’t tell the difference between yams and sweet potatoes, I knew for sure that the alleged “sweet potatoes with marshmallows” were nothing of the sort. Well, perhaps the marshmallows were real, but the potatoes were certainly not! They served their regular fake mashed potatoes (with a wee bit less salt) and merely added orange food dye. Orange food dye! I kid thee not.

On one hand, the meal was a step above the usual grub. On the other, the dining hall was so busy, noisy, and crowded that I couldn’t eat in peace. I like to eat in peace. Still, they did give me a free glass mug that reads, “Happy Holidays,” so that was a plus. Perhaps now I can achieve the correct water-to-cocoa ratio when I’m mixing my Swiss Miss.

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