Sometimes, I’m a little too hasty. Most of the time, I love to close out chapters of my life story. More than a year ago, I sounded the death knell for this blog when I moved on to bigger (and tastier) things, specifically Pizza for Breakfast.

I was at college, I was eating a lot, and I started taking pictures of my meals. With a love for food and an insatiable desire to share my life with strangers, I maintained that blog for almost a year. Yeah, not a huge accomplishment for most people, but a colossal accomplishment for me.

Now, though, I find myself gravitating less toward food and more toward everything else. Movies, games, technology, stories, philosophical inquiries—apparently, I can’t leave well enough alone the things that I supposedly gave up when I retired this blog.

But that’s the whole problem! I retired this blog before its time, and much more remains to be written in this chapter than I originally thought. So, consider “the book” reopened. Consider this blog a zombie blog (though not a blog about zombies). However, knowing how inspiration often derails into desperation, I resolve not to make any further resolutions or arbitrary quotas in respect to how often I will (or won’t) write new entries.

I’ll simply write when I have something to share. Piece of cake.

Now, to recap on a positive and predictable note: life’s full of memories, and I’m thankful for all of them.

“Oh, yeah!” —Kool-Aid Man

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