Make a Note of It

How often do you find yourself recounting the good times in life? When things went right, when it all worked out, or when you received a clear answer to prayer? Did you leap for joy and click your heels together, shouting “Yes! Yes! Yes!” Did you do a victory dance, a jig, or a similarly-embarrassing pathetic reproduction of the Macarena?

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Or, in contrast, did you humbly offer a prayer of thanks to God for his mighty display of sovereignty in your life?

The reason I ask is two-fold: one, because we should give glory to God for success, and two, because we should make a note of it. Honest.

In contrast, it’s so easy to recall the bad times when we suffered disrespect, indignity, or got bent out of shape when things didn’t go our way. Why don’t we recall our blessings as often as or more frequently than our woes? Our woes are usually our fault; blessings are usually the result of God’s hand in our lives. Did you get that? God’s hand in our lives!

If the God of creation has blessed you, I challenge you to make a note of it. Maybe you don’t like to write. That’s fine. Just scribble down a bullet point version of how you’ve been blessed, there’s no need to craft a sprawling epic. But if you have the material for such, do so. In short time you’ll find you’ve been blessed in more ways than you probably realize.

Yesterday, I entreated God to give my co-worker success in a job interview so that he would be glorified, and I asked my co-worker if I could pray for her. Later I told God, “If you give her success in this, I’ll proclaim ‘Praise God!’ when she tells me the news.” When I saw her today, I had to uphold my part of the bargain. It was a little awkward, but I gave the glory to God and felt blessed by his working in my co-worker’s life.

The point I want to make is simple: start keeping a record of your blessings. These can be answers to prayer (positive or negative), clear direction for your future, or even an encouraging passage from the Bible. Who knows, maybe you’ll be able to share these things with someone else and bring glory to God through them.

So, when you think of ways you’ve been blessed, tie a ribbon ‘round your finger, rearrange the alphabet letters on your refrigerator, or just text-message yourself on your iPhone. One way or another, give glory to who it is due, and make a note of it.

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  1. Andun says:

    But my question is this: can you text-message yourself on your iPhone whilst leaping into the air and clicking your heels?

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