Here’s to New Memories

The year-long silence is broken! For the scant few who follow my blog, you may have received notifications of new (old) posts showing up. If so, my apologies. I’ve decided to merge my poetry and food blogs into one, so that means posts you’ve likely never read are now sandwiched between those you have. Hooray?

Big surprise–I haven’t done much writing this year, at least none of the blogging variety. My focus was split between email correspondence, a short film, my long-gestating novel, and.. wait for it… my online dating profile. Yup. Not going to elaborate on that one. So how does 2014 promise to be different than 2013? More importantly, what happened this year?

Within the last few days, I’ve been struggling to put together a paragraph for my family’s annual Christmas letter. The truth is, nothing much has happened, at least nothing that can be easily expressed in the nature of said letter. It would have to read something like this: spring saw the advent of a romantic relationship; summer witnessed a visit to the east coast; fall watched in sorrow as said relationship imploded, but fall also rejoiced in a miraculous restoration of my true identity in Christ.

That last point cannot be overstated, and it’s the reason that I’m excited about life again–about writing, about new opportunities, travel, missions work, and even romance. Yes, romance! These are strange days indeed. But of course, this is hardly the light-hearted stuff of which Christmas letters are made, so I’ll have to be creative.

With respect to creativity, I’ve decided to share portions of my novel-in-progress here, on my blog, as a means of motivating myself to keep it up. All too often we authors write in a vacuum, suffer from tunnel vision, and behold the grand scope of entire sagas well before we’ve written a single chapter. Is it any wonder we crush ourselves beneath the weight of such imagined hubris? But I digress.

This blog, Thanks for the Memories, will continue to be a place for my thoughts, but I wish to include the rare sonnet, the occasional recipe or “foodie” snapshot, and some tidbits of writing that might otherwise never see the light of day. So here’s to 2014; to new stories; to new adventures… and to a new hope in Christ!

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  1. Mallory says:

    Haha. That’s wonderful. I was thinking of doing the same thing once I graduate this month. I am interested, what is your novel about? I love to hear different people’s favorite genres and what not.

    Thanks for appeasing my curiosity!

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