Getting to Know Sean Hastings

Sean’s career in broadcasting began at the ripe old age of two, when he began stringing together subjects, verbs, and predicates, in a desperate attempt to create things that resembled sentences, stopping only briefly to gulp air to keep from passing out (much to the relief of all within earshot).

A photo of Sean

Photo by Shane Wallenda.

Born and raised in Abilene Texas, Sean whittled away his youth breaking into abandoned nuclear missile silos, old theaters, and occasionally the local swimming pool at one in the morning (because that’s when temperatures got down to 98 degrees).

In his formative years, he discovered comic books, movies, and television and the truly awesome power of the narrative and turned his energies toward mastering the power in all forms and venues.

Later on, Sean moved from the oppressive heat of central Texas to the cool, crisp, green-ness of the Pacific Northwest where he acquired his bachelor’s degree in digital video from the International Academy of Design and Technology (IADT).

Author of several screenplays, an actor in and director of several short films, and an accomplished musician, Sean founded Cinema Filibuster in the summer of 2013 with wit, grit, and gravitas. His list of superpowers includes writing, acting, composing, and the repair and overhaul of woodwind horns… for now!

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