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In 2013, Geek & Sundry issued a siren’s call for aspiring vloggers…

Sean grabbed Jon by the lapels and said, “Allons-y!” To which Jon replied, “I don’t speak French.” Armed with an uncharged GoPro camera and a backpack of gear, the two intrepid adventurers sojourned to the scenic Des Moines pier and shot their official entry. Twice. Thank you, Sea-Tac airport.

With sublime footage but unusable audio, they realized they needed a clean, quiet, well-lit place to flex their mental muscles unfettered by the beautiful but tumultuous great outdoors (thank you, Federal Way public library).

After a month-long wait of nail biting suspense, the two hopeful creatives decided to forge their own path (as Geek & Sundry had declined to take advantage of their vast talents and phenomenal skills).

And so, Cinema Filibuster soldiered on into the cold, unforgiving expanse of digital content creation. They struggled, but they survived. Their first sortie against the balustrades of ignorance culminated in an affectionate dissection of the Lost Skeleton of Cadavra (which received mild accolades from that film’s own writer/director Larry Blamire).

But, even in the lives of the great, a little rain must fall. The Cerberus of obstacle and distraction reared its ugly heads. No follow-up video was forthcoming despite numerous shoots and reshoots. Dust and silence lighted upon their channel like Death’s down comforter.

Yet, in the belly of that whale, Jonah and Pinocchio had lit a fire. And though they subsisted on undiluted hope and undigested herring, they grew stronger, more resilient, leaner, and hungrier; their tenacity to succeed was rivaled only by their unbridled fear of failure!

With the sharpened machetes of talent and planning, they hacked their way out of that heinous sea-mammal’s bowels of despair! Basically, they regrouped and started over. Finding delight in the practically of simplicity, Sean and Jon decided, “Let’s do a podcast.”

Thus, Cinema Filibuster was reborn, rising like a phoenix from the ashes of ignominy! Thanks for reading this far. You’re a braver man (or woman) than we are. Cheers!

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