Well, it’s that time of year. We’ve packed our bags, thrown on some shorts, and piled into the family ’95 Ford Aerostar van, heading for the coast. It’s been four years since we last visited Cannon Beach, Oregon. I’ve got mixed feelings about going back, but overall I’m thrilled to be on vacation.

Not my handwriting.

We’re still driving there as I write this on my iPhone. My thoughts are very stream-of-consciousness, but I’ll do my best to be coherent.

I’m trying to think of all that’s happened in the last four years. I’m trying to see if I’ve made any progress in things both big and small. Apart from changing jobs, there don’t seem to be any noteworthy accomplishments. How depressing.

I need to make some goals. Education has been a thorn in my side all this time, supposedly being the deus ex machina for career, happiness, and home. It’s just been a black hole sucking away my time and resources. And yet I may still continue pursuing a bachelor’s degree. Why? So I can theoretically make better money doing something I dislike only marginally less than my current job.

Life is needlessly complicated. It seems all of mankind’s advances have ultimately served to tie us down with extra responsibilities and baseless social obligations. If ignorance is bliss, it’s no wonder so many people struggle with depression. We’ve become shackled to cultural expectations and lost the opportunity to make it on our own. Students can’t afford education without financial aid or grants; couples can’t buy a home without a loan; you can’t visit the doctor without medical coverage. If man’s only desire is to survive, good luck. Heaven help anyone who seeks more.

All right, time jump! Now it’s 9:43pm and we’ve been in Oregon for about five hours. We always stay at the Cannon Beach Christian Conference Center, which is practically on the beach. It’s similar to a small resort, only they have a speaker for the week and various kids programs as well as recreational stuff.

Anyway, our first session concluded at around nine and it was very inspiring. When I was writing earlier, I trapped myself in the kind of thinking that gets me frustrated and depressed. Obviously, I fell into the “it’s all about me” mantra, which leads to the “things aren’t going as planned” mentality, quickly followed by the “woe unto the single, aging, lonely white male with no future” funk.

Of course, there’s more to life than just my happiness. Thank God. I pity those who don’t know their lives have purpose and meaning. It’s tough enough as it is!

Anyway, in years past, I’ve always had a crush on somebody while staying here. Whether it be one of the lovely servers, counselors, or other vacationers, it almost never fails. Hopefully, this time, I’ll be able to keep my roaming emotions in check. We’ll see.

In breaking with tradition, I’m going to try keeping a daily record of my events for this week and make a blog entry each night. It may work better to post a week’s worth of stuff when I get back home, but I kind of like this real-time update stuff.

This is Jon Sulzbach checking out for Saturday, August 23, 2008.

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  1. Andun says:

    Mr. Sulzbach? This is your wake-up call. Back in the day before bachelor’s degrees and medical insurance, young men like you would already be more than half-done with their solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short lives. Your back would be hunched not from peering at a flickering screen, but from working 16-hour days in the mines. And if you were a knight, you most certainly would not be errant. You would make your living by killing the people your boss told you to kill. They would scream and bleed while you killed them, and call you horrible names to boot. Thank you, Mr. Sulzbach. Have a good day.

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