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Will 2012 prove the best year ever? Who knows, but good riddance to 2011! This past year has been, at least for me, dappled with disappointment and marked mostly by mediocrity. My failures are too numerous to list. The few successes of 2011 are as follows: early graduation from college in March, and the completion of The Revised Sunday Knights Chronicles. A-a-and that’s about it.

New year resolutions are as numerous as the stars, and I generally don’t make them. Why? Because they’re just as easily made as broken. Failing to uphold your resolution leads to a sense of failure—surprise!—and I’d like this year to be marked by success.

Of course, if wishes were horses, nobody would be walking on foot these days. That’s why I have to do more than just make a resolution if I want this year to be memorable. I’ve got to combine action with intention to accomplish anything of merit. With that in mind, here’s what I’ve been thinking about for 2012.

My first screenplay, Colorado Stone and the Quest for the Golden Egg, sits idly on my hard drive collecting dust (or perhaps defragmenting). It was and always will be a collaborative effort, and as such, it’s one of my favorite works. The inspiration and creativity that went into it remains unmatched by yours truly, even if the final result is a bit long-winded and lopsided. My partner in crime, Mr. Robert Polson, created the original idea. Through countless revisions and drafts, the story of an insecure, clumsy, adventure-thirsty young man emerged. It’s a period piece—1921, if I recall correctly—but that’s more for aesthetic reasons than anything else. It’s also a piece that encapsulates the personalities of its authors—Bobby as Colorado, and myself as Professor “Doc” Lutz (more or less). We see each other in both roles simultaneously, so the overlapping is difficult to pin down, but in short, it’s a screenplay that represents us both.

Where am I going with this? I want to get it sold. Maybe not this year, maybe not in 2013, but someday. Before I can send it out the door to be rejected, the screenplay needs to be revised in a number of places (not the least of which is the “camera” language used throughout). It’s in good shape overall—it’s fun and entertaining—but it has a slow-paced beginning and takes forever to lift off. When it finally does, though, it’s a blast.

So, that’s one thing. Finish and solicit my screenplay. Bobby and I are also working on a second screenplay that we started last year, after I returned from college. We hope to at least finish the outline and start drafting it this year. That’s a second thing.

A third thing, which is perhaps the most personal to me, is finishing a novel. This will prove the most difficult because of where my various projects stand at the moment. My new Sunday Knights stories will form a novel when finished, and when combined with the previous chronicles, I’ll have a beefy collection that I can self-publish. However, there’s another project that’s much closer to completion…

It’s something I don’t know how to describe at this point, but it’s a lengthy dialogue between myself and a close female friend that constitutes a novel. My hope is to leave it largely unchanged, save for especially sensitive information and all character names. The reason I think it will work as a novel is because it tells a true story. It has an arc, I think, and it also has a resolution. More importantly, its theme is seeking God’s plan for one’s life, whether in relationships or in the work place.

Since it’s a true story, I imagine it stands a better chance of being published than not. So, that’s a third thing (restated). Let’s quickly recap:

  1. Clean up and solicit Colorado Stone and the Quest for the Golden Egg.
  2. Complete the outline of screenplay #2 and start drafting.
  3. Finish a novel—either the holistic Sunday Knights chronicles, or my untitled non-fiction piece.

That’s all feasible, but it’s also a tall order. I won’t say those are my resolutions, but they’re nonetheless my goals for 2012. Oh, and one more thing… you’re wondering what that Zelda image has to do with my post, right? Well, I hope to buy and complete Skyward Sword between November and December of 2012. It came out last year, but I’ve stopped buying new games. It should be more affordable eleven months from now. Also, I positively love the promotional artwork for the game. It’s beautiful.

Adios, 2011. You’re a thing of the past. And like the oddly-numbered Star Trek films (not counting the newest version), you seem cursed. Here’s to boldly going where I’ve never gone before–to press!

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