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How often do you find yourself recounting the good times in life? When things went right, when it all worked out, or when you received a clear answer to prayer? Did you leap for joy and click your heels together, shouting “Yes! Yes! Yes!” Did you do a victory dance, a jig, or a similarly-embarrassing pathetic reproduction of the Macarena?

During high school, I was told I ought to start keeping a journal and recording my thoughts. It seemed as impossible as it was uninteresting—my life has never been exciting, so why write about it? But, despite this self-deprecating attitude, I did manage to record a few odds and ends throughout my formative teenage years.

Observe the photo accompanying this blog. I had a quote running through my head from Joe Versus the Volcano, so I googled “luggage.” After looking through a few pages of results, I happened upon this wonderful gem—instantly I had a connection! In one of the earliest sessions of Men’s Fraternity, we dealt with the concept of unpacking. That is, examining areas of your life where you’ve haphazardly compartmentalized emotions or memories, ultimately resulting in issues by the handful.

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